So You Think You’re Funny? – The Contest

Louis C.K., The GameChanger.

Louis C.K. The Godfather. The Big Daddy. The Man when it comes to all things “Direct to Fan”. Louis C.K. has changed the game for not only comedy, but digital content distribution (films, music, video tutorials, etc) as we know it. How?

Well it’s simple, he sold his shows directly through his website.

So now we’re asking you to BE THE NEXT LOUIS CK and sell your videos directly to audiences. But, this time using the viral platform of Facebook.

In fact, we’re putting our money where our mouths are. We’ll match the top five comedians to reach $1K in total sales from their LittleCast video with another $1K. Double the money, direct to fan, why happy holidays to you.

The “So, You Think You’re Funny?” Contest Details

1. You own your content
All content uploaded for the “So, You Think You’re Funny?” contest must be in accordance with our Terms of Service. Simply, make sure you own all of the material you upload. For more details on how to upload, just visit our website. See, easy peasy.

2. You Tell Us What’s Funny
What is an acceptable contest entry? Just about anything. Upload what you consider to be a funny video, set your own price and bring it to your audience. Just give your fans something they’ll love and want to buy.

3. And… It’s a race!
The contest period is from Dec 16 2013 to Jan 30 2014. The first ten funny videos uploaded  to earn $1,000, we’ll match it with another $1,000. Our team will track the videos uploaded internally. If you want to make sure your video is considered, please use the tag “thinkyourefunny” and we’ll flag your entry.

4. You won! Now what?
All winners will be announced on 1/31/14. LittleCast payments are paid out monthly and winners will receive their additional $1,000 bonus along with their fans purchases by Feb 28th. Got it? Now hurry up and upload something hil-ari-ous!

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